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Sunday surprise!

In anticipation of the big R, Taregh has been collecting hobbies. The latest one is bike riding. We got outfitted this week and were ready to go at six this morning when ‘boooom’ an unpredicted thunderstorm moved over. What a light show! It lasted a couple of hours. The ride got delayed but it was worth it. I approve… much better than riding the motorcycle.

My personal list of hobbies is growing. For years I’ve been planning to build something from the hundreds of wine corks I collected. Finally, here’s a start:

Corks on cork…hope to show more soon.

Today’s vegan breakfast:
Fresh fruit, home fried potatoes, sliced tomatoes, onions, avocados and toast with orange marmalade. What a feast! Confession: Taregh had eggs fried in butter, the only animal products he cannot do without.



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Woman of a certain age, artist, teacher, semi-retired.

3 responses to “Sunday surprise!

  1. I LOVE your art AND your blog!

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