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ImageSo, I was thinking about writing stories, my constant preoccupation. Ideas come to me from the most unexpected places or maybe I should say from rambling thoughts that lead down new paths. When I follow them, I find that even as the paths may be new, the heart of the story is always the same.

This morning I was reading the winning entry to NPR’s Three Minute Fiction Contest, where I’ve submitted in the past.  I also read the comments which seemed to be mostly from other entrants who were baffled by the winning choice.  I usually look for two things when deciding how I feel about a story: does the subject matter interest me and did the author move me. In Flash Fiction you have the advantage of being able to read the whole story. Getting your point across with such few words takes a special talent for editing.

A picture of a Mandarin Orange Cheese Cake! It could be a prompt: write a short story using the cake as its central theme. But it’s not. This is a picture of the last cake I baked before I went completely Vegan. On the other hand, I could write about how I miss baking since the chemistry of eggs and dairy has not found an acceptable replacement, but not enough to break down and bake cookies or something. Pure bread: flour, salt and water used to hold a special place in my heart but then, wheat, yes wheat started to be messed with and sadly…


Enough of that. Today’s Vegan menu:

Breakfast : Fresh fruit, Steel Cut Oats swirled with one spoon of raw almond butter, one spoon of raw honey and sprinkled with my seed mixture.

Dinner: Mixed greens salad, sliced tomatoes, onions, cucumbers, avocados, topped with homemade vinaigrette. One cup of brown rice with lentils, ratatouille and sauted red cabbage.


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  1. beautiful cake and smashing photo! I love the way you tell us about what you are going to eat….makes my mouth water and reminds me healthy is delicious. Thank you:)

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