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Pet with attitude

Texas Hill Country

Texas Hill Country (Photo credit: Smalloy)


Ok, you knew it was coming, a picture of Miss Schnitzel. Yes the adorable face you see is the one I could not resist almost ten years ago. At the time, we were looking for a dog to take to Donkeyhill, our property in the Hill Country. The quest for the perfect match was prompted by a comment the Realtor who sold us the place made: “You got to get a guard dog, one that barks at every sound. You don’t want to be caught out here by surprise. Of course, the only wild creatures you should be concerned about are the two legged kind, you know what I mean?” As he winked at us shaking his head and laughing, we wondered if he was serious. Regardless, the search was on. That day when we drove into Fredericksburg for lunch, we noticed an overwhelming number of beautiful grey or tan dogs, some walking with their owners while other waited patiently in the back of cars. Weimaraners! So we succumbed to the mystique of the infamous grey ghost. Schnitzel is the blonde version and as we soon found out, she lives up to every warning on ownership. She is loud, demanding, follows us everywhere, shamelessly begs for food, demands to be let out at all hours and gives us her unconditional love.

The Texas heat blew in with full force yesterday pushing the temps into the high nineties. Can’t complain though, we’ve had a perfect spring and lived without air-conditioning for months. Moving indoors for the summer will allow me to complete several art projects in progress.

Protein Boost Seed and Nut mixture (ingredients can be varied) Use a large lidded glass jar.

5 Tbsp. of each seed: chia, sesame, pumpkin, sunflower, flax. Add half a cup of shredded coconut, half cup of hemp hearts, half cup of slivered almonds and a quarter cup of cocoa nibs. Stir well and sprinkle liberally on amaranth, oatmeal, quinoa or any foods you want to give a protein boost to.


Today’s Vegan lunch: Baked sweet potato drizzled with a Tbsp. of toasted sesame oil and topped with a few spoons of Protein Boost. Cucumber salad and herbal tea.



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