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The Art of…

The art of selling, the art of cooking, the art of gab, the art of…
So what is art? A wide variety of definitions explain the word but what about the concept of art. Is art a creation or a state of mind? What does it mean to be artistic? Does the fact that I consider myself an artist dilutes the meaning of the word?
And what about words derived from it such as artistic, artisan, artisanal? I heard a discussion yesterday about the overwhelming use of artisanal by the big boys to sell processed food or even produce. What do you visualize when you hear the word artisanal? Does it make you think of a sculptor hard at work slicing potatoes for the fryer, or a farm worker deciding which strawberry is appropriate for which plastic box?
Do we need a new word to distinguish a real artist from the crowded field of wannabes? Who decides what qualifies as art, the creator or the observer, and can one do without the other? Can art exist in a vacuum? So many questions…

For me, art is a concept, a feeling, something that we humans create or admire, something that gives us pause. Art slows us down, allows us to breath, lets us examine the world from a different perspective.
Art is visual, auditory, tactile, and yes alimentary.
On that note, I artistically prepared the following for today’s vegan dinner:

Cole slaw dressed in lime juice, salt and pepper and a tsp of honey.
Falafel with red pepper hummus.
Quinoa pilaf and sautéed mushrooms.



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Woman of a certain age, artist, teacher, semi-retired.

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