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Home town…

Downtown Dallas in the background with the Tri...

Downtown Dallas in the background with the Trinity River in the foreground. Taken from the N Hampton Rd bridge. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As a local, I’ve seen Dallas expand into the huge metropolitan area it is today. Development now extends north almost to Oklahoma and West to Fort Worth and beyond. Non-Dallasites always ask me: why do people move to Dallas?

My arrival in 1965 was as an immigrant from Romania via Austria. My parents didn’t choose Dallas, it chose them.  As the new Southwestern Medical school was being developed, calls went out for qualified physicians and they fit the bill. Our knowledge of Dallas was limited but my father thought that fate was intervening when they were offered jobs in the town John F. Kennedy made famous in a most tragic way. As far away as Communist Romania, people wept at the news of his assassination. So Love Field is where we landed on a hot June day, traveling from Vienna in a four prop charter, naive yet eager to become Americans, to embrace our new home.

Today living in Dallas feels comfortable the way an old sweater does. The winters are becoming milder but the summers are brutal making for air-conditioned living from May to October. So what does a Dallasite do? Shopping and eating have defined the city for years but we also have a vibrant Arts and Culture district and a growing urban community. We have two major university and a web of community colleges all offering a wide variety of educational opportunities. There are more and more Biking Paths and I’m not the only one driving a Leaf.

Now that I’ve sold you on the reasons for living here, don’t come running. Home is where you make it, besides we’re heading West very soon.


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