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In memoriam… Agnes Miriam Liebermann (Agi Mark)

Where do I start writing about my mother Agi, someone who has not only been part of my entire life, but someone who has touched so many in the span of almost 92 years. I can go back to the beginning and share memories growing up which span three countries and two continents, I can tell you about the hardships she endured and the challenges she overcame, or the joy she experienced as a grandmother and great grandmother, or the convictions she stubbornly adhered to, but all those would not do justice to describing who she was: a truly independent woman who exemplified the life of a courageous professional in the most difficult of times.

Born in Romania in 1925 between the two World Wars, into a family of highly educated professionals, my Mom knew what was expected of her from an early age. Even as she was faced with the worst possible circumstances as a teenager as Europe burned around her, she never lost focus and pursued her education eventually completing her Medical Studies and becoming a Doctor of Pulmonary Medicine. It was in Medical School that she met George Liebermann the man she married, the man who became my father. She gave birth to me while still an intern and to my brother Gabriel shortly after.

As Romania fell into Soviet hands after WWII, life became almost unbearable for my parents as a young struggling family who believed in freedom and opportunity. They secretly made plans to emigrate and left in 1964 for Austria, leaving everything behind except hope for a better future. It became a stepping stone to Agi’s final destination: America.

My Mom lived almost her entire life in Dallas Texas, a place she grew to love. She pursued her work in the Medical Field and surrounded herself  with family and friends. After being fluent in five languages, she added English and conversed easily with people from all walks of life.

Mom experienced the world around her with interest and enthusiasm. She fully embraced new technologies and insisted on owning the latest computers and iPhones. Her interests extended to current events, the arts and music. She enjoyed traveling and always emersed herself in the local culture. 

In addition to all her educational accomplishments, my Mom was also an excellent cook. Many bellies were filled with her special Schnitzel and creamed spinach platters and tasty walnut pastries. Agi’s kitchen was filled with the latest gadgets and she was versed in the most current of trends.

Agi was also a fashionista. She wore the most trendy yet classy outfits, down to the matching shoes, bags, gloves and hats. Even into her later years, she dressed to impress, if only herself. 

But all of my Moms accomplishments and talents cannot describe who she really was. To know her was to be touched by someone who lived life to its fullest, who embraced all people, who never met a person she didn’t find valuable, who believed that the world was for all to share. She was a humanitarian, a peacemaker, an ambassador, a real hero, and she was my Mom.

Closest family members:

Katherine Jabbar and Taregh Jabbar

R. Gresham Ellington and Ruth Verbrugge 

Leyla Jabbar Sanford, Dylan Sanford, Baird And Lena Sanford

Hamid Jabbar and Carmen Pedro

Rachel Lane and Eric Lane

Erna Mark

Sasha Mark and family

Andre Mark and family 


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