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A few years into full retirement and you have accomplished nothing. The mental list of what you would do if you only had more time is still waiting. You fill your days with mundane activities which serve as excuses. You clean and cook like a well oiled machine. Are you paralyzed by having too many choices or are you realizing that in this last chapter what you deemed important in the past just simply isn’t?

If so then why do you feel unfulfilled, why do you wake up every day searching for life’s meaning? What is really missing?

You have been programmed to feel that being alive means contributing, giving back, adding value, making a difference. You need to either undo years of brainwashing or satisfy it by getting out there. Which will it be? How much longer are you going to float in limbo? When will you choose the path to complete your short journey on this earth?


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Woman of a certain age, artist, teacher, semi-retired.

2 responses to “Lost?

  1. Susan Geroe ⋅

    Good, “down to earth” questions everyone asks after retirement. I think we should have taken a few courses on the subject, at least to have a more clearer understanding of what retirement means. Are you missing a set of goals and achieving them? We did that while we studied,mworked, and raised a family. In retirement, we should enjoy day to day life, hobbies old and new, without specific cares, concerns, strict schedules – health permitting. It is the last item that is most important! You made a big move, tried to help your mother, visit your grandchildren, follow and enjoy your son’s joy in life. Quite a bit, I’d say 🙂 Maybe, this is the time you write that good Transylvanian cookbook of yours, peppered with little short stories – you’re the best for that! It’d be unique! Love, Zsuzsi

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