I Miss You Terribly, an Ode to Schnitzel


I know I did the right thing, I know you were in pain, I know you put on a brave face, I know you tried to hang on…I miss you terribly!

You came into my life as a blue eyed blonde at just eight weeks, the last of twelve siblings to leave your parents’ care. Advise against bringing you into my home evaporated when I saw you. High maintenance, hard to train and anti-social are just some of the labels given to your breed, yet I took on the chalange and became your adopted mother. Small enough to fit in a cat carrier, you adapted quickly to your new surroundings and chewed up the appropriate number of furnishings…I miss you terribly!

As you grew, the cats took up residence at higher and higher altitudes slapping your sweet face with clawless paws. You patrolled our property with decisive arrogance and a threatening bark, alerting everyone of your presence. ¬†You considered your training nothing more than parlor tricks and after obediently proving that you are a quick learner, you reverted to your own unique style of behavior. I loved the way you searched for my approval…I miss you terribly!

You tried to fill the emptiness left when the kids moved out. You made sure that I was never alone. You smiled gratefully when talked to. You loved your baths and lying in the sun. You reluctantly shared me with the man of the house. You woke us up without fail and took us on morning walks…I miss you terribly!

How quickly time passed and as we both aged, you much faster in dog years, you tried to prepare me for the inevitable. You took fewer walks and hated the stairs. You stopped jumping on the sofa. Your interest in chewing waned. You followed me with your eyes instead of your legs. You knew the end was near…I miss you terribly!